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Best UK Castles for Kids

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An adventure to a castle is a truly enchanting day out and Britain is not short of these historic buildings. As well as being lots of fun, a visit to a castle can be educational, helping children to better understand the past. History can seem boring in a textbook, but when it is right in front of you, the past comes alive.

Lots of castles are very child-friendly, with tons of activities and adventures specifically for young explorers. So, get those imaginations going – whether it is princesses in towers, knights and dragons, or witches and wizards, castles are a magical experience. Here are the best castles for kids across the UK:

Alnwick Castle

As any Harry Potter enthusiast will know, Alnwick castle was used to create the iconic Hogwarts school. The castle featured heavily in the film series so is the perfect trip out for any Potter fan. Put on your robe and get out your wand – Alnwick castle has lots of magical wizardry themed days, complete with characters and costumes. If witches and wizards are not your thing, you can still enjoy the spectacular castle and grounds.

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Alnwick Castle
Alnwick Castle

The large courtyard and numerous towers make this castle an interesting visit, with plenty to explore. Why not try your hand at medieval castle construction? Learn some of the traditional techniques used to build the castle and have a go at using the equipment. Grab your broomsticks and fly on over to Alnwick for a magical day out.

Bolsover Castle

Known as the ‘Little Castle’, Bolsover is anything but small. The once ruined castle was restored in the 16th century to its former glory, and the results are spectacular. The impressive castle and grounds will leave you in awe. Bolsover Castle has lots of activities to get involved with to make your trip a special day. Storytellers are on site to help bring the castle to life.

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Bolsover Castle
Bolsover Castle

Complete with fun costumes and lively tales, these storytellers will guide you through the history of the castle, making it accessible and engaging for even the youngest of visitors. There is also the Summer Explorer Quest which gives children the chance to explore the castle, following a historic trail – don’t forget to pick up your explorer’s certificate at the end! The castle also boasts impressive stables and horses, including dressage and even a recreation jousting session.


This dramatic castle is not to be missed. Set in the craggy cliffs of Bamburgh, the castle sits at an impressive 45 metres above sea level. This meant it was well positioned to see oncoming attackers, giving them the upper hand! The panoramic views across the North Sea and Northumberland Coast are second to none. But there are plenty of activities available to keep the kids busy.

Read more about Bamburgh >>

Stunning view of Bamburgh

After visiting the castle, you can make a full day of your visit by spending the afternoon on the wide, sand beach at Bamburgh. The castle is currently host to an outdoor cinema screen, so you can book in to watch a family film during your visit. Alternatively, head along to Anglo-Saxon weekend and get involved with the historic crafts, storytelling and the battle arena.

Conwy Castle

This enormous 13th century castle sits on the northern Welsh coast and holds UNESCO World Heritage site status. One of the castle’s most famous features is the bridged entrance which stand tall above the river Conwy. A stunning and dramatic start to your visit. It is hard not to be impressed by the castle’s grand turrets and towers which dominate the building.

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Conwy Castle
Conwy Castle

The whole family will be blown away by the sheer size of the structure, as well as the castle’s rich history. If you are a fan of heights, then you can complete the wall walk which leads you around the perimeter of the castle. There is plenty of activities to keep everyone happy. Why not book to see a majestic falconry display, or listen in to one of the virtual Tales of Wales stories? This castle is a must see for any history-enthusiasts in the family.

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